lawn problem with grubs, moles, fungus and low ph

The past 2 years I’ve had nothing but problems with my yard.   It’s the worst its ever been.   I have a lawn service, but they are chalking it up to the extreme heat we’ve had in St. Louis.  We have grubs and moles, fungus, brown patch and I’m sure low PH.   I need to treat it right now, but can I apply these products that you have at the same time or do they have to be applied at different times.   Are they safe for pets?   Help!    Can I purchase any of these products locally in the stores or only online?

First, you won’t be able to get our products locally so if you decide to fix this problem using our materials, you’ll need to order through our shopping cart and have the items delivered.

Second, lawn problems are never a “quick fix”. Furthermore, when dealing with them at the end of the warm season, a full resolution won’t be noticed till the following year. But based on the limited information you provided, I think it’s safe to say you should start now since a couple of the problems can most definitely be resolved from the fall through the winter.

Third, the products we have listed are all safe for use where people and pets will be active.

Fourth, the PH is most important and needs to be measured and then adjusted (if it’s too high or too low) first. Once it’s fixed, you may proceed with dealing with other problems but not till that time.

So in summary, let’s start with your PH. This means you need to get it measured. Our PH METER is a great tool to have just for this reason as it will enable you to get readings whenever you want. Once you know the PH, you can begin to adjust it if need be. Read up on soil ph here:

Soil PH Control:

Once you get the ph fixed, we’ll deal with the grubs. This will involve some treatments as explained in our GRUB CONTROL ARTICLE but there is no need to get ahead of ourselves. So for now, lets focus on the PH. Send us another message once you know it’s level and we’ll further advise.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

PH Meter:

PH Control:

Grub Control:

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