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I’m pretty sure my soil ph is on the low side. I’ve had it tested in the past but the local nursery wants me to bring them soil for the test. Is there anyway I can test the soil here at my house without going through all this effort?

Testing your lawn soil ph should be done at least twice a year. Since the ph is always changing, it’s important that you monitor it’s measurement so you can make adjustments when needed. If the soil ph rises above 7.0 or below 6.0, you’ll start to have ramifications. Fortunately being able to get a soil measurement has never been easier. The newest Soil Test Probes enable you to get fairly accurate readings from your lawn and garden instantly. We recommend you measure your lawn soil ph by taking measurements for every 200 sq/ft. You should do this at least every 6 months; every quarter if the soil has a history of changing over time. More information about the importance of lawn ph levels can be found in our Soil PH article.

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