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I’ve had a healthy green lawn for many years but now it’s not right. I have fertilized like always but for some reason, the grass isn’t growing. We’ve had plenty of rain but I don’t think there is any fungus. One of my neighbors asked if I have checked my PH and I don’t think that has ever been considered. Before I do anything I figured it would be best to find out if this is something I need to learn about. What can you tell me about the soil PH?

There is a lot we can tell you about soil ph but it would be best if you take a little time to read our SOIL PH article which summarizes most everything you need to know. The bottom line is you need to check this measurement at least twice a year and adjust it as needed. Before we recommend anything else, it’s vital you get your lawn measured with a SOIL METER to see if it’s Ok. From there we’ll be able to further advise.

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