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I want to start testing the ph level for the soil in my lawn. I’ve had a hard time keeping it stable which has lead to all kinds of turf problems over the years. I hope that by watching it more closely I can stop the fungus and weed problems before they get out of hand. Do you have a good soil testing meter we can use?

Testing the PH level of your soil is paramount if you wish to keep it in “good shape”. Maintaining a proper balance will allow you to get the desired look as well as hold off fungus and insects from preying on the turfs weakened condition an improper PH promotes. Our Soil PH Meter is both easy to read and use and I suggest you take measurements at least once a quarter if you’re grass has a had a history of PH flucuations. Stable yards should be monitored at least once every 6 months and adjusted annually if needed; soil which is under pressure from the local environment as explained in our Soil Ph Article may need to be adjusted throughout the growing season.

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