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White fungus looking patches have been showing up in my yard lately. It started right after we got some rain, in live in Gilbert Az and I’ve never had this problem before and I’m not sure what I need to do. Here is picture of some of it. I appreciate any help.


white mold soil fungus

There are several things going on here and from what I can surmise, it all starts with the soil. Although I’m not 100% certain, from the looks of this “growth”, I’d say you have a white soil mold living in your dirt. There are many kinds which can thrive when soil has good moisture and the right nutritional supply. Most of these won’t hurt plants directly. However, the conditions that allow them to grow will. In other words, if you aren’t careful and correct the current situation, I’m sure other things will start to go “wrong” and over time it will become more and more difficult to fix. With this problem potential problem just “over the horizon” and about to come into view, here are my recommendations.

1) Not knowing where you reside in Arizona, I cannot tell if you are in a mostly dry arid section or one that gets significant rainfall. Arid sections would tend to dry out over time so there would be no cause for concern. Once dry, this fungus will die out. But if you are where it rains enough, this problem could persist and thrive. Additionally, if your soil isn’t properly draining, the accumulating water will only fuel this growth more. If you have a drainage problem, getting the landscape graded differently or in some areas getting drainage systems installed may be needed to help remove this vital ingredient for mold/fungi growth.

2) Once the water problem is either fixed or dries out, get your soil PH checked. If you don’t have a good SOIL PH METER, get one. It’s invaluable and should be used throughout the year to make sure you’re “dirt” doesn’t get out of balance. As explained in our SOIL PH CONTROL article, once it does all kinds of bad things can happen and one of the most common is the growth of mold and fungus. Other problems relating to bad PH is weed growth, poor grass quality and insect infestations.

3) Once the water problem is resolved and the soil is known to be in balance, you could very well notice the white mold to be gone. But if it’s lingering, treating with the MOLD AND ALGAE KILLER would be a good idea. It’s easy to use and can be applied over the yard without posing a risk to plants or people. One application should do the job; as previously stated this mold is generally not a major problem and easy to control.

In summary, what you’re seeing is undoubtedly the result of excessive moisture following the recent rain pattern and/or the balance of your soil. Get these two things in check and chances are high the problem will resolve itself. If it lingers longer than expected, treat with the Mold Killer RTS and you should see it dry up and die within a week or two. If you still have questiosn or concerns, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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