lowering soil ph down


My ph is too high and I’ve been having a problem with this over the years. I’m not sure why but the last time I had to drop it I had a landscaper do the treatment. I want to do this myself this time. What options do I have?

Soil PH balance is critical if you wish to grow grass, plants and other vegetation. Though most people have problems with it dropping, there are times when it can get too high. The first step you need to take when wanting to maintain your soils PH is to invest in a good Soil PH Test Meter. This will enable you to track trends and make adjustments throughout the year as explained in our Soil PH Control article.

Once you have a good understanding of where your soil is measuring and are ready to treat, apply the Sulfur Granules as explained in our article. They’ll drop the PH and can be applied as needed.

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