white fungus on lawn

I have some kind of white fungus in my lawn. It appeared after the rain followed by temperatures in the high 80’s. 

It would be wise to do some preventive/curative treatments using one of the fungicides listed in our LAWN FUNGUS control article to make sure this disease doesn’t get locked in which can lead to extensive plant damage. The rule with fungus is if left untreated, it will cause all kinds of issues for the affected plants/grass. Typical problems besides the obvious cosmetic damage to the plant include stunted root growth, increased vulnerability to other plant disease and increased insect activity. All of these will lead to a shortened plant life.

But before you do any kind of treatment, get the soil PH tested. Only when you know there is a proper and stable PH in place can you proceed with any kind of fertilizing, insecticide or fungicide application. Now if you don’t have a  PH meter, get this one:

PH Meter: http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/testing/phmoisturelight-probe
This meter is easy to use and will enable you to test your turf within a few minutes.
And once you know the PH is fine, get some ULTREX DACONIL and treat the as much of the grass as possible during the first treatment. 10-14 days later treat again. This should cure the problem.
Ultrex Daconil: http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/fungicide/ultrex-daconil-5-lb
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